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How to sell yourself better

startupSo you have thought long and hard about where to get another source of extra income and the gods of good luck have shone a special light through your window during the night and you have come across MediaSale.

You have checked out MediaSale and you’ve got all your extra juices running: I could sell the new creative CV template I made for myself, or that bad-ass 15-slide PowerPoint template I used for my last presentation. Everyone always commends me on how awesome my designs look. I could probably make it even more awesome and more generic and start selling. Ah yesss… I’ve also got those AE video effects I created for Muyi’s film, maybe I could also get Tbazz to sell his audio beats on MediaSale too…

And on, and on, and on…

The fact is, there is no shortage of talent, of creative people creating awesome quality content.

Awesome content can always sell itself, but if awesome content is wrapped in a dirty mud-bathed box, no one will touch it. The art of selling is the art of proper presentation.

You could have the best skills, but if you are sloppy at presenting your skills, you’d still be at the bottom of the food chain, being eaten up by much less competent people than you. That’s life, it sucks sometimes, but let it not be your fault that is sucks.

Lots of people actually buy crap on a regular basis, not because they knew beforehand that they were buying crap, but because the crap was presented in a very glorified manner. I certainly have paid top dough for glorified crap before. How much happier I would have been if I paid that much for truly awesome content.

As it applies to life, so does it apply to selling anything online. Infact, online, it is even ever more important that you know how to present yourself wella. Have you ever wanted to do business with a website, only to get to the site, and the site looks ugly? I have. And I jumped ship. Simply based on the fact that the site did not look well put together. I’m sure you must have had such an experience.

On the internet, design and trust go very very hand in hand. Good design tells the visitor that you have invested much time and energy into presenting yourself properly, that you care about your work as much as you would care about theirs, while a shabby design screams: “I just want your money, figure out the rest yourself”.

Complete strangers will always come to view your stuff, if you cannot convince them within 10 seconds to stay, they will go, and there goes your lunch.

The only tool at your disposal to convince them in those 10 glorious seconds that they have graciously decided to waste on you…

is your Design,

is how you present. 

If anyone is going to hand over their hard-earned cash to you, they want be sure you are worth it, and that your work is worth it. They want to be sure beyond doubt, that your stuff does what it says on the cover, they don’t want ambiguous descriptions. They want what they want, and they want it in a nice package.

You have gone a long way to create your truly awesome digital content, showcase well.

In the past month, MediaSale has received a lot of item submissions for sale. Our review team however is having to put a whole lot of submissions on hold till they look presentable. Reaching out to these vendors to provide more info on their products has not helped as most vendors fail to reply or comply, hence this whole rant.

To sell better, be thorough. You can only gain.

While submitting items to MediaSale, the Item Submission Form has all sorts of prompts and helpful hints showing what to put where and why, don’t ignore these hints. We would not risk watering down the quality of the items presented on MediaSale for the potential sales of items that do not present well.

A Quick Guide

Product Description – When submitting software such as WordPress plugins, Joomla and Drupal modules and similar things, be reminded that most of your potential customers are usually not web developers, but mostly business individuals looking to use your solution for their business. Write for them, let your language be plain, without as much tech jargon as you can manage.

While submitting other types of items, descriptions are also as important. Be explicit, check your tenses and spellings, above all, be clear.

Provide a Demo – For tech products, a demo url is compulsory. If you are selling a payment plugin, or a gallery plugin, or even a website template, then the least you could do is to set it up in all its glory for your potential customers to see. Seeing is believing. If it is a video file, like a tutorial, or an audio file, like audio beats and soundtracks, then the same applies, the submission form has fields for uploading watermarked versions of your items.

Featured Image – The default featured image has a specific dimension. This dimension is not just for show. Get a good graphics girl or guy to do justice to it for you, and keep to the given dimensions.

More Sample Images – If you have more than one image you would like to showcase for your item, for example, people who want to sell graphics will usually bundle up to 5 items together for sale, the Submission Form also provides you ample opportunity to upload more images to your download, please read the hints carefully.

Preview Files – For Audio and Video submissions, you can also upload a shorter version of your item, making sure to watermark it.

Giveaways – Yeap, giveaways are a good way to guage the acceptability of your products. It affords you real life feedback on your work and gives you the direction for your next product. This is priceless as far as I’m concerned because you get to create something people already want and are now willing to pay for.

For now, these are the hints we have to share with you from our experience. We hope these hints would be helpful to you not only on MediaSale, but also in your daily lives.

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