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How to make money online

howtomakemoneyonlineIf you are reading this post, then you are probably seriously thinking about ways you can make money online. Well, you have come to one of the right places. There are a couple of ways MediaSale can be of help to you, and they are outlined in detail below.

Become a MediaSale Vendor

MediaSale is all about business. It is a platform that affords you the opportunity to have an additional stream of income by simply giving you the tools to sell what you know. In digital formats. This means that if you have some creative abilities, and can create valuable digital items such as graphics, audio beats, software, powerpoint templates, icon packs, font packs, ebooks, video files, etc, valuable files that other people may want to buy, then MediaSale is where you need to be selling on.

MediaSale allows you focus on your creativity while we deal with marketing your wares to the right people. It allows you upload your content onto our secure servers, set your prices, and start selling immediately. For specific types of items such as software, we even have a complete software licensing service where each copy of your software sold is provided with a unique licence key. Each licence key is valid for 1 year and renewable at a discount upon expiration. Licencing of softwares ensures that only customers who have valid licence keys have access to support and software updates.

Collecting your earnings is also very easy. We recommend you signup with a VoguePay, we pay our earning vendors on a weekly basis. For more information of these, plese read our FAQ section

Ok, this all sounds interesting and cool. But what if i am not really a creative person but i still want to make legitimate passive income online? The answer to that is also simple. You can simply

Join the MediaSale Affiliate Program

Anyone can join the MediaSale Affiliate Program. The Affiliate program allows you to earn passive income by simply marketing any of several items here on MediaSale. You can decide to market a single item or market several. The choice is yours.

As an affiliate, you would automatically earn 10% of the value of the sale that comes from your referral links. For best performance of your marketing, you should have a website or a blog or a unique address online that is yours. This is where you would market the products. When any of the items you are marketing are bought using your referral link, your commission is automatically recorded and you are notified.

MediaSale Affiliates are also paid on a weekly basis, so get your VoguePay accounts ready.

MediaSale only allows the sale of high quality items on its platforms, as such we like to work with only quality affiliates. When signing up as an affiliate, be sure to enter your your web address or blog address and also explain as much as you can how you would market these items.

If yopu have further questions, please ask in the comments section, we would be happy to answer them.

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