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Intending Vendors

How many items can i upload for sale?
There is no limit to the number of items that you can upload. With MediaSale you can sell any kind of digital media such as audio files, video files, document templates, softwares, or even eBooks. Signup today and start selling. Please note that all uploaded files for sale are reviewed before they go live on the MediaSale.
Can I set any price for my items?
Yes you can. But remember that other vendors may also set up similar items for sale hence, prices should stay competitive and realistic. You can edit the prices of your items at any point in time.
What does 'Licensing' my item mean
Certain items, such as items that need a high level of support, may be licensed. This means that each copy of the item sold will be provided with a unique licence key, which is renewable after 1 year. Customers who require continued support from the vendor after the 1 year period, or who want to have access to more recent updates to such items after their licence key has expired will need to renew their licence. The renewal fee will be a percentage of the original amount. 
What is the MediaSale sharing formular
MediaSale operates a progressive sharing formular. The initial sharing formular for all items is 70 – 30, where 70% belongs to the vendor as earnings. However, items that reach 500 sales are bumped up to 75% while items that achieve 1,000 sales begin to earn the vendor 80%. 
How do I collect my earnings.
MediaSale pays out earnings to vendors during the first week of every month. You are advised to open a VoguePay account as this is where your earnings will be paid to.


What payment methods are available?
We accepts MasterCard, Visa, Verve, VoguePay and PocketMoni payments. As these are strictly digital downloads, there can be No Facility for Pay on Delivery.
Am I entitled to support if I buy an item?
By Default, Yes. MediaSale provides the platform for customers to meet vendors. Support for your items will be provided exclusively by the item vendor. MediaSale will, however, create a platform to facilitate this item support process.
Can I download items I have purchased multiple times?
For security reasons, you can only use your download link a limited number of times. The Download link is also set to expire after a few hours in order to prevent unauthorised access to your download.


If you cannot find a burning question you may have on this short list, you can quickly send us a shout and we would respond swiftly with a vengance.

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