QuickTeller for WooCommerce

Quickteller makes it easy to accept payments from your customers using multiple sources and channels. You can accept payments directly on your website, Quickteller.com, ATMs, SMS, etc.


This WordPress – Woocommerce plugin will take off the rigour of development and will increase your sales. If you have a store powered by WordPress and WooCommerce, then this plugin is for you. You can easily and safely collect payments on your store via QuickTeller using this plugin.

Your customers clicks the QuickTeller button, a pop up window will appear on your website. (If the user is on a mobile device, the browser will redirect to a mobile friendly page instead).

On that popup window, the familiar WebPAY card input page will appear for him to complete his transaction.


> Easy to set up: Interswitch QuickTeller Payment module is easy to setup.

> Simple Integration: Simply Install this plugin the same way you would install any other WordPress Plugin and with just a few change of details, your website can be ready to accept payment.

> Complete security: End customers enter their card details on the Interswitch QuickTeller payment page and it take care of the transaction security from there. Therefore the merchant does not need to worry about cardholder security as they do not process the card data themselves. The Interswitch platform is certified under the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

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  1. where can I check the screenshots or manual or video tutorial of this plugin to get idea about plugin features and how to setup the plugin?

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