Prestashop Interswitch Payment Module

The Prestashop Interswitch WebPAY allows any merchant to accept payments on their Prestashop 1.7 websites via the Interswitch WebPay platform.


This module will take away the delays of finding a developer to build a payment module for your Prestashop website. Once purchased, you get a download link to download the module and install on your Prestashop website and start accepting payments.

Your customers are redirected to Interswitch WebPAY to enter their card details so no sensitive information needs to be taken or stored on the merchant’s site, thereby removing the need for you to maintain highly secure encrypted databases, or obtain digital certificates.


  • Its easy to set up. Install this like any other prestashop module on your site.
  • Complete security: Customers enter their card details on the Interswitch WebPAY payment page. Transaction security is handled by Interswitch’s payment page. Therefore the merchant does not need to worry about cardholder security as they do not process the card data. The Interswitch platform is certified under the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
  • Requery Ability – Sometimes, due to several unforeseeable circumstances, transactions can end in an error, eg. internet outage while making a payment, browser issues etc. Incase of transaction errors, this module allows you be able to check the real status of a previously failed transaction.

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