KongaPay for WooCommerce

KongaPay for WooCommerce

KongaPay is a secure payment service from Konga.com that allows your customers pay without having to remember their card numbers. All they need to know is their phone number and secret PIN.

With KongaPay’s approach, payments are simpler and more secure.

To accept payments on your WooCommerce shop you need to do the following:

1) You must be signed up as a Merchant on KongaPay. If you are yet to sign up, send an email to bizdev@kongapay.com to get started.
2) KongaPay will provide you with a Merchant ID and Client Secret (To be kept confidential by you).
3) You can provide a logo to KongaPay to be displayed alongside your Merchant name. The image should be saved using merchant ID as name and should be either .jpg or .png format
4) Install this Woocommerce KongaPay plugin on your site.

To test out this plugin please click here

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  1. Thanks man. Your presentation at the KongaPay conference helped to make it possible…..to make it “as simple as ABC”

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