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Become a MediaSale Affiliate

MediaSale is an online marketplace where creative and functional digital content are sold. The MediaSale Affiliate Program is a smart way to earn extra income from the promotion of high quality digital items. We all know that we live in a connected world. There are people you can reach that we cannot reach, and vice versa. Putting your connections to use is a smart way to make a decent steady income. By Joining the MediaSale Affiliate Program, you become a part of a smart network of people and your next earning could be just after you share your first links. Its right around the corner.

How do I Join?

When you join the MediaSale Affiliate Program, you provide 1, your payment email address (We recommend you signup with VoguePay to be able to accept payments), 2, your website address (your blog address is also acceptable, personal facebook page, or business facebook page also acceptable), and 3, a short description of how you intend to promote MediaSale items. Please note that MediaSale reserves the right to admit applicants into the program.

Please be very clear in your description. MediaSale items are quality items, and we prefer to work with quality affiliates. Your application will be reviewed and accepted based on your short description. Applicants who are accepted into the MediaSale Affiliate Program are provided with tools for their success. Your success is our success.

MediaSale Affiliates, when logged in, have their own dashboard. From here they can select the items they want to promote and generate their unique promotion urls. They can also take some of the provided creative banners to put on their websites. Have any questions? We are an email away.

What do I Earn?

The standard commission rates on each successful referral is 10%. In other words, if an order is N50,000 then your earning is N5,000. From their dashboard, affiliates can easily see how much they have earned, how much is awaiting payment, and even how their referral URLs have done over time. Earnings are paid out once a week, so you can be gingered to make more money for yourself.

Affiliate referrals are also tracked reliably, even on servers with aggressive caching. Becoming an affiliate on MediaSale guarantees you a quick way to start your own online business without the hassle of building it yourself. If you think you’ve got what it takes, click the big button below, and get on the bus.


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