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How to continually receive alerts while you sleep

1441330160Everyone wants an extra source of income right? Heck yeah we do. Frankly, most people are not even looking for an extra source, they are looking for the very first first source of income. Recently, I attended a short seminar on productivity, and the presenter made this profound statistical statement, he said:

85% of all human activities is directly related to money or making money.

I find this profound because it could also translate to mean that we actually do spend 85% of our time and/or energy on making money or rather, trying to make money. That’s  actually a lot of hard working, and the scale is dangerously tipped towards overworking ourselves while most of the time, there’s not a whole lot to show for all the hard work. So, what could we be doing wrong? Does there exist a smarter efficient way to work and earn money that would not take up 85% of our time? If you are interested in learning more, read on.

But first, some background

The industrial age, where the brick and mortar businesses and large industries dominated national productivity and fortune, and where folks grew up, went to good schools, got good grades and got good jobs, that golden age, where most people actually loved their work, that age is winding down. Winding down fast.
The advances in information technology, electronic commerce, high speed internet etc are responsible for the turn of the tides where more and more brick and mortar businesses are finding it hard to continue doing business the same old way. Similarly, if you live in the information age and you work without taking advantage of the internet, you are already left behind. There are, however, several levels of utilising the vast amount of resources at your disposal in the information age. In fact, it is a common saying that information overload is a symptom of the information age.
Apart from the fact the work should be joyful, something you look forward to doing everyday, not just something that provides you the means to exist, your work should be an interesting part of your life, since you would spend a great part of your life doing it. If life is worth living at all, it is worth living damn well. If you are not happy at work, you cannot be happy at life.

If you are not happy at work, you cannot be happy at life.

The information technology age in which we find ourselves necessitates that we rethink how we view work. Here are a few realities of present day work.
  • Today, geographical distances no longer prevents great work to be done. I hardly meet 80% of my clients, but the work get’s done and everyone is satisfied.

  • You no longer need to meet and greet your customers physically before you can sell them something. Think Jumia & Konga Merchants.

  • You need to pass information across? Your information can get to the other side of the world in minutes, scratch that, in seconds. Email, Blogs, Facebook Posts, Twitter tweets… Too many ways to communicate, too many ways to sell.

  • You need information on any topic at all? A mammoth bank of information is at your finger tips by just searching the web. These days, smart phones are becoming smarter than some people.

  • Need to learn a new skill? The web is replete with courses you can take from halfway across the world, without leaving your bedroom.

So, if we possess all these super powers that the goons of the industrial age never even dreamt of, why are we still mostly stuck in the work mentality of the industrial age? We have heard countless times that it is possible to make money over the internet, but a lot of people are still quite suspicious of this, and they have valid reasons to be, after being swindled a few times. But really, can you make money off the internet? The answer is YES. No get rich quick schemes, no black hat money making activities, no under G moves of any kind, but simply doing honest work you love and being paid for it over the internet. Yes it is possible. The next question is how?. If you are still interested in my rants, please read on.

The New Outlook – What is possible?

Already, in other parts of the world, the transition from the industrial age mentality to the information technology age mentality has already happened. Companies like Google, Automattic, the owners of WordPress, already foster a fun working environment. The dividends of this is that people are more productive and everyone is happier. Another dividend of that is that people are able to digitize their work into useful packages, and make these packages available for use by anyone who needs them. Lots of people already do this, either as a part time hobby, or as their full time jobs. No geographical barriers, no meet and greet, simply digitize and make available, digitize and sell.

Some Cool Examples.

Avada is a WordPress theme. A WordPress Theme is a piece of software that is programmed to work on websites built with WordPress.  A WordPress theme provides all of the appearance and look and feel for that website. Avada was created by the guys at theme fusion and is currently being sold on Themeforest. As at August 2015, which is the time of this writing, (and kudos to the future readers, who are most likely to find the numbers greatly different and even more awe inspiring) Avada has sold over a hundred and fifty thousand copies at $59 a piece and has remained the top selling theme on Themeforest since 2012. Do the math, the guys at theme fusion are definitely smiling to the bank, and this is their very first and only WordPress theme.

Inspiring is the title of a stock audio file on sale at Audiojungle. Inspiring is such a nice piece of music that you can use for various types of projects, eg, background music for your videos, theme music for your presentation etc. Inspiring has sold more than 5,000 copies at $19. The author only had to create the sound once, but he has been paid over five thousand times for it. Five Thousand. Isn’t that music to your ears? Work once, get paid continually? Its definitely music to my ears. No pun intended. You too can do it.

Akinyele Olubodun is a Nigerian developer living in Nigeria. He creates reusable web solutions for anyone that needs them. He currently sells some of his payment gateway modules right here on MediaSale. You can do it too.

Want to learn about web design from the very beginning? Don’t know where to start? Well there’s a tutorial right here on MediaSale for free download. It shows you how to build a website with help screen-shots along the way and a link to a 15 minute video. Its a good place for beginners to start. That is an ebook that could easily sell for N1,000 a copy. I am sure I have set the machinery turning in your head, you too can package your intellectual knowledge and sell right here on MediaSale

As a final example, video tutorials and ebook tutorials are other very popular ways of digitizing your work. At one point or the other, you must have watched a tutorial video, or read an ebook. You too can become an author of your own video or ebook. Do a fantastic job of it, go all out and pour your heart into it, making sure it’s awesome valuable, upload it for sale on MediaSale and then watch as people pay you for it over and over and over.

The first step to thinking and working differently is learning about possibilities. You should never stop learning about possibilities as they are always lurking around the corner, begging to be discovered. Now that you know what is possible, you are no longer limited by lack of information. If you possess some useful information, whether you are a spreadsheet guru, or a graphics god, or a music producer, a hair stylist, a tailor or even a plumber, this is the information age, you’ve got to roll with it. Digitize, parcel your work and sell. You ask how? Video tutorials is one way. Ebooks is another, and MediaSale helps you sell these things with ease.

As long as you have something useful, there will always be people who also want what you have. Provide value to them by showing them how, they will provide value to you by handing over their money.

If you would like to start selling on MediaSale, don’t waste any more time Signup today. Even if you have no item yet for sale, signup still. You have taken an important step towards your alternative source of income. Plus you get notified of all out future updates. We promise to make them awesome.

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