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6 steps to setting up your mediasale affiliates business

Hey there, welcome to MediaSale, the home of creative digital goods for Africa! I’m going to assume that you are here as a vendor, as a customer or as an affiliate. Either ways, you’re here to make money, yes that’s right, MAKE MONEY. But this article is about how you can make residual income as a MediaSale affiliate!

To start making money as a MediaSale Affiliate, the first step is to become an affiliate! The following points will show you the next steps to take as soon as you have signed up as an Affiliate, so if you haven’t already signed up, do so now.

  • Select the products you want to promote

The first thing you need to do is to go to select the products you want to promote. There is a growing list of digital goods on MediaSale, Some are ebooks, some are payment gateways for website owners. To see a list of all the products on the site click on the shop menu button. This takes you to a page containing products for sale on MediaSale, then without delay you can choose the product you wish to market.


  • Click on the product of your choice.

So let us say you want to market the WooCommerce Interswitch Webpay module, which sells for N30,000, all I need to do is to click on it to get the link for that product. When you click on WooCommerce Interswitch Webpay, the details of the product are shown and the author of the product is also shown (note that all our authors here have credibility and the best products are assured!). The full product description is also available so you knowe what exactly each product does.


  • Copy the link in the address bar.

The next thing you need to do is to copy the link in the browser address bar, this is highlighted in blue in the screenshot. After copying the link, proceed to the Affiliates Area by clicking Affiliate Area in the menu and login with your MediaSale Affiliate username and password if you are not already logged in.


  • Genenrate your unique referral link

After you have successfully logged into your affiliate page you can now paste the link you copied from your chosen product (mine is WooCommerce Interswitch Webpay) browser tab into the “Page URL” tab you see on your affiliate page. After pasting the link, click the “Generate URL” button.

Note that you have the option of naming your campaign. Campaigns help you organise your marketing efforts into groups. You can promote unlimited number of products, campaigns help you group your promotions appropriately. This gives you a way to measure which of your campaigns are making you the most money.


  • Now share your unique referral link anywhere and everywhere

Yes!!! You have successfully generated your unique referral link to this particular chosen product. Please note that other Affiliates like you will also be promoting the same products, it is your unique link that will tell us who brought in a sale. It is your duty to now share this unique link with very wide networks on social media, your contacts, WhatsApp broadcasts, BBM contacts, etc. You never know who has been waiting to see these links and buy.

Remember that your commission is 10% on every product that is purchased throuh your referral URL. There are no restrictions on the number of products you can promote, so why delay? Get your marketing shoes on, there’s money for the taking!


  • How about creatives?

This section concerns only those affiliates who have websites or blogs. The creative is a visual tool that also aids your marketing! They are also sometimes called banners. It is a picture advert that you can hang on your website. When you click on the creatives tab in your Affiliate area menu, then you can locate the product you are marketing. Simply copy the entire code and embed it on your website. Make sure you are logged into your affiliate area on MediaSale when you are checking the creatives. This is the only way it will generate your unique link for the creative. When potential buyers click on this advert banner on your website, it takes them to the product and it is all the same result: They buy and you get your 10% without stress! How much easier can it get?

Thank you for taking your time to go through the process of marketing as an affiliate on MediaSale. We hope this piece of information will enable you set up your unique links successfully. Happy Marketing.



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